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Meet The Marker Maker

Ashley, wife, mom x3 and now Mark Your Mahjong Line Marker™ founder, is passionate about helping others enjoy learning and playing the game of Mahjong.

I saw an opportunity to learn something fun and have some fellowship with friends, so I set up our first group Mahjong lesson. It was immediately clear after the first several lessons that this was going to be a fun challenge, but one aspect of the game that I just could not get past was how hard it was to keep track of your line!

After initially handpainting these for my group (see below for the original Line Markers™) I posted a photo online and the concept hit home with a lot of other Mahj'ers. And that gave me enough confidence to launch Mark Your Mahjong Line Markers ™

Bird Bam Cheers

The very first design for the Mark Your Mahjong Line Marker™ was the Bird Bam Cheers design. A fun thing to do each time you discard the 1 bird bam tile is to cheers the table. I truly believe this is why Mahjong has caught fire- it gives us all a great reason to get together for fellowship, fun and community. It's a special one!

Bird Bam Cheers Line Marker™

Find Your Group

This is a special photo to me because this is my Mahj group after our very first lesson. These women and Mahj are so important to me as a busy Mom to three little boys. I hope you find this in your Mahjong group too. If you're looking for a local instructor or group to connect with, please check out our Instructor Roundup page.

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